You braved through the inertia of the planning stage and finally took the plunge to start working on your goals. You may feel proud of yourself for doing so. Sure, you deserve to feel proud of yourself for successfully taking that first step.

So, what follows? Never give up. Keep going within all reasonable means. By this, I am talking about you understanding your limitations and being aware of your finances, family and health when pursuing your goals. So, just look out for your basic necessities in life and as long as they are within reasonable means, you should be pushing yourself forward, no excuses.

An earlier photo of the book, It's I'MPOSSIBLE, in Popular bookstores.

As a published author of a youth motivational book title in 2010, I was 22 years old that year. Back then, I was faced with plenty of challenges, even at an early stage of writing the manuscript. Enthusiastically sharing with people about my goal of publishing a book, but to be seen with eyes of disbelief. Some even thought that I was boasting.

It eventually took about 3.5 years for my book to be launched and published. Granted that while I tried to work on the manuscript diligently, I was not putting 8 hours a day into the manuscript everyday and I was learning about the self-publishing process for the first time. In those 3.5 years, I wanted to give up, many times. I asked myself what I was doing compared to my peers, trading my free time for this endeavour. But I did not give up my goal of finishing that manuscript, publishing it and landing that book onto the bookshelves of local bookstores.


Looking at my book publishing experience and what follows that, these were what I learnt:


Pace yourself to prevent burning out.

You thought of a brilliant idea and you went to work on it. Your mind is filled with thoughts of what you need to do to make this a success. You expect much from yourself as much as the acknowledgement you need from others. You work on this project night and day. You are overly enthusiastic. You may burn out soon.

Your goal is most likely something that is not easily attainable, which may take time to achieve, which means that you are in for a long journey. To walk this long journey, stamina is needed. So, pace yourself and set smaller, manageable micro goals. Prevent yourself from working 16 to 20 hours a day, to the extent that you ignore other significant things and people in your life. Pace your micro goals, look back at them and use what you accomplished to step forward.


Making yourself available to opportunities.

In the pursuit of your goal, it is common to walk into brick walls that block your path to success. But that does not necessarily mean to giving up on achieving your life's dream. Sometimes, waiting for opportunities is a strategy as well. That network that you built up, that business associate you met and those work that you done earlier, might give you the support you need when you are facing that brick wall. Of course, do not simply wait for things to occur. Do your best to be in control. Go out there and start sourcing for opportunities.


Keep moving, no matter how slow you think you are.

We often look at others, as a benchmark for measuring how successful we are. But using other people's success as a yardstick to measure your own level of success, worth and deciding whether you are cut out for this path, is just plain wrong. The successful people that you have chosen to emulate, are good for being your mentors, to study their success blueprints and etc. But not for you to compare your current progress to. Doing so may cause you to feel overwhelmed and feel like giving up.

How well you are doing and how successful you think you are should be determined by your milestones and accomplishments from when you started out. So, no matter how slow you think you are going compared to others, keep going. Again, within reasonable means. Plan your finances and give yourself a feasible mileage to work with, so that you may not miss out on other significant opportunities in life.

Where there are no reasons why you should not be working towards your goal, keep moving. Even when you are inching your way through to your goal, you are making progress toward success.



In short:

  1. Pace yourself to prevent burning out
  2. Making yourself available to opportunities
  3. Keep moving, no matter how slow you think you are

Follow these steps, keep learning, keep applying what you learn, keep going, and you will be more likely to achieve success. 


You are now one step closer to your goal.