Why, isn't that obvious? You sure it is! But too many of us, despite understanding this basic concept, neglect it. How many of us actually start working on our dreams? 


We keep on procrastinating, giving ourselves excuses why this is yet another instance of us needing more time to plan, to think through, for us to start working on our dreams. When was the previous time you worked on pursuing your dreams?


Our society is filled to the brim with distractions. Our society demands us constantly to commit our time and energy. These leave us with so little time and energy for us to pursue our passion and our dreams.


Do all these sound familiar to you?


Thinking over and over about that particular dream you want to pursue but only for it to fade, or to be guilty about why is it yet to be done?


Excuses about needing more time to think through, to plan and for certain major events to be over?


Yes, it is all too familiar to the most of us.


Enough is enough. Enough thinking, enough excusing, enough dreaming.


Taking the first step may seem difficult at first. However, many tend to have the misconception that the first step will either need to be 1) a big leap or 2) perfect. No. Seldom are first steps perfect (in fact, things barely turn out the way you expect).


The first step to your dreams is actually nothing astronomical.

You first step simply needs to be:

  1. Something simple
  2. Something achievable
  3. Something you can do.


By ensuring this, you are lowering the barrier for you to start the engines going. With the barrier lowered, it is then easier for you to begin.


What follows the first step is simple. In fact, it is better for your subsequent steps to be small, simple steps. Once you take the first step out, you just simply need to continue taking small incremental steps forward. 


For me, I planned and thought about starting Beyond the Brave for so long. But I understood that planning will not bring me anywhere. So I took the first step forward to chasing my dreams.


My first step to Beyond the Brave was simple. I started by purchasing a web hosting plan. Then a domain name, an email account, design, logo, and now, content.


See, each of these steps are small, doable bits, which when done, are small wins, and because you accomplished many small goals, it creates a steady progression that encourages you to move forward.


So, Beyond the Brave is a testament to myself, and I hope, to many of you, that mere thoughts will not get you anywhere. You need to be brave, to break out of those thoughts, those comfort and take that first step.


Go beyond being just brave. Take the first step you need.


Go forth and step into your journey of a lifetime.


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